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Congratulations Maggie On Your 5th Birthday!!!!
Maggie's Birthday was on April 23rd, 2002!

" Happy Birthday Maggie
Cocker kisses and happy wishes from
Lady, Tramp and Alex"

"Hi Maggie,
Wishing you your best birthday ever!
We hope you get lots of treats, toys, belly rubs & extra love.
Arf Arf, Missy & Gretchen "

"Happy Birthday Maggie .. Hope you have a Special Day and get lots of goodies :-)))
Tail wags from new friends Dominoe & McGwire.. and Belly Rubs from Vickie :-)
Dotty Dogs Dream
Abbey and Tiger

"Here is a bday card ahead of time from Bailey!
Cocker cuddles, Bailey"

"Happy Birthday Maggie"

"Happy Birthday!
From Gypsy, the red Chihuahua"

"Happy Birthday, Maggie!
We hope you have a wonderful day filled with presents, doggie treats, love, and tummy rubs.
Lily and Kobi"

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