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We got Maggie when she was 2 1/2 months old. She was very tiny and cute! When we arrived home with her the first day, she started running around the house, she was so happy! And I would be too, she was in a cage with two more puppies all day long.
She showed she was smart from the beginning, it took a very short time to potty train her, she learned right away!
Now she knows a lot of tricks! Sit, down, stay, high five, speak, sit pretty, play dead, roll over, now she's 4 years old and she's still learning more!
Click Here! to watch Maggie doing two of her tricks! Speak and sit pretty.(Please be patient, it might take a while to load, Thanks!)
Maggie loves her human family, when we come home she is so happy, her little body wiggles, and she always brings us a toy as a "welcome back" gift.
And no matter if you left for only 3 minutes or for a couple of hours, she will always welcome you the same way, with her little happy body and spirit.
Maggie is always happy, and always wagging her tale. She always wants to be with her humans, when we are in the house, she wants to be in whatever room we are, with us.
What can I say? Maggie our little princess, a perfect baby, through our eyes. She never broke anything in the house, not even when she was a puppy, she is our little angel, that fills out hearts with joy and love.

Maggie Loves:

Go to the Park

Go to the Beach


Almost any kind of fruit

Going for rides in the car

Play with her toys

Getting petted

Tummy rubs!

Lay down in the backyard under the warm sun

Chase the squirrels and pretend she's hunting them

Chase the cats that go in the backyard

Tuna, beef, cheese and almost any kind of food!

Take Naps

Get on my bed when I'm watching TV

Sleep by grandma's bed

Being in the middle of everything

"Help out" in the kitchen when someone's cooking

Got to the horse trail

Swim, Swim and Swim some more!

Maggie Hates:

Getting a bath

Getting brushed

Getting a hair cut

Getting a her nails clipped